International Notice on IMiner.Net, Bahram Shahrivarnia, Salimeh Jamal Zehi Hossein, Helen Hozoori

IMiner (IMiner.NET) started operating in Iran under the name ‘dedino’ ( in 2019 and claimed to be a cloud mining company. The head of the company was officially declared as Salimeh Jamal Zehi Hossein and Helen Hozuri.

However, in a later interview with Salimeh, Head of the company, it became clear that the company was mainly run by Bahram Shahrivarnia, who is wanted in Iran for phishing charges. During a live-stream, Salimeh Jamal Zehi Hossein confirmed that the so-called cloud-mining project was just a Ponzi scheme. She came clear after the company was unable to pay the guaranteed income to its users and hundreds of complaints were sent to Iranian courts. The CEO claimed that all the money is stolen by Bahram Shahrivarnia who is the primary owner of IMiner.(Read More...)

IMiner was originally registered in Turkey and the following document (in Turkish) shows the business registered under the name of Bahram Shahrivarnia as well as the shares being given to Salimeh Jamal Zehi Hossein.(View Document...)

In 2020, November, an official Iranian news agency called “FarsNews” launched an investigation into this Ponzi Scam due to hundreds of requests given to the cause. Finally, It was confirmed by the news agency’s investigation that the company was indeed a scam.(Read More...)

IMiner’s founders have long fled the country and are seeking to settle in a European or North American Country with all the stolen money from Iranian victims. Currently, the team plans to expand the boundary of their scam and fraudulent operations and go beyond cloud-mining under the name

It is estimated based on user registrations that this team has scammed more than three million U.S dollars. Statistics on is based on a limited sample of users who found the portal.

After the fall of IMiner project and a million-dollar complaint against the scammers who are now fleeing Iranian government, the group has recently initiated a new project called "IMSMining” under the domain name of

The following are the heads and owners of IMiner currently fleeing the Iranian government:

  • Bahram Shahrivarnia ( Bahram Irani ) may appear under the passport number X96585215 or F33595769 and may change his last name to “Irani” and is currently wanted by the Iranian Government for scam charges.
  • Salimeh Jamal Zehi Hossein ( JamalZehiHossein ) may appear under the passport number Y42952093 and the national ID number 3621740041.
  • Helen Hozuri ( Hozoori, Hozury, Hozoory ) with national ID number 0450256911.

List of all projects the members of this scam group are associated with:

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